7 Social Media Marketing Motivation Tips

In the scheme of things, social media marketing is a brand new concept in business. It is dynamic, constantly evolving in model, function and user behaviour. Based on the vast degree of competition most industries host, and the current gnat-like societal attention span we employ whilst using social media, there is no question; the odds of engagement are stacked against us. Now don’t get me wrong, the aforementioned attention-span-of-a-gnat comment is not a criticism. Social media is so vastly expansive that we absolutely must exercise a discerning outlook whilst browsing, otherwise real-life would elude is whilst we drool over series’ of pixel arrangements. Either way, it is easy to lose motivation when you’re not sure if you’re doing it right. So once again, we at Round Creative, your agency-shaped-genie in a shiny digital lamp, has arrived to hit you up with 7 Social Media Marketing Motivation Tips!

1. Build online relationships with complementary businesses

We are social creatures. We’re driven by interaction and collaboration. The worst feeling in the world is shouting about something you love to be met with silence. It is demoralising. So how do we solve this? We make some friends! Get tagging, congratulating, chatting and otherwise engaging. Start discussions with peers, share pictures, videos, GIFs. And what’s more, this has the added benefit of driving impressions and engagements by sharing audiences. It could even put you on the radar of new accounts and aspirational clients (Bonus – Create an ‘aspirational clients/customers list on Twitter and get adding. Those you add will be notified!


2. Discuss your passions

It’s easy to talk about what you love. So do that. Social media is exactly as it says; social. So there isn’t usually any success to be had by continually plugging your business. It will saturate and jade your audience. The way we counteract this is by posting educational, interest and educational pieces, which offer legitimate value to your audience. These styles of posts/content immediately offer more scope for broaching and discussing what keeps you ticking. It is important not to stray too far from relevance, so keep your industry and solutions in mind and see where you can make links.

3. Humour is your ally

Our lives are all ruled by memes. Whether you like it or not, social media is THE breeding ground, birthplace, origin, cultivator and mass-production-operation of memes. It is inescapable. This is subject to degree, and perhaps if your industry is military or political or similar, exercise measure. Jeremy Corbyn is a prime example of this. Political merit notwithstanding, he responded to his audience, began ‘memeing’ hard and hugely solidified his personal brand with those who he felt relevant.


4. Don’t worry about doing wrong

A social media campaign can never be universal, even to businesses within the same industry. Your campaign must be bespoke to your brand and is, by nature, unprecedented. With this in mind, try not to worry about your posts not being ineffective inefficient, instead, collect data, look at what works and what doesn’t then tweak accordingly! Take a pragmatically positive and progressively proactive approach to achieve your goals!

5. Inject some personality

Even in B2B, you’re ALWAYS dealing with people (at least until Skynet kicks off at us all), and people respond to personality. Your business has a brand for the sake of generating rapport, encouraging interaction, providing familiarity and inciting an emotional response of some kind. As a marketing executive, it’s your job to know and champion the character of your brand. Focus on your favourite aspects of this character and take great pleasure in portraying this!

6. Make it your own

Own your campaign. Strategise. Brainstorm ideas. Hypothesise, research and record. Success after great effort is one of the most driving factors in our industry. Taking the viewpoint that even ‘failures’ or disappointing results are all contributing to learning and discovering the best format and structure for your brand’s campaign. Think creatively and laterally to achieve goals; in a highly-competitive world, doing something differently can help you stand out, not to mention the gratification gained from making a smart and effective move!
Whilst writing content for Round Creative, I tend to avoid first person, though I’m going to take it up for a quick comment here on points five and six: I absolutely adore writing in my company’s tone of voice. Initially, I inhabited an existing tone, and then began to augment and tweak, and now I feel as though out content is part of mine and Round’s legacy. It’s lead me to value the company and my role more, resulting in my being more highly motivated than ever before. All born of the endeavour to nail my brand’s tone-of-voice.

7. Record and celebrate progress

This one is a double-edged sword again! Recording progress and acting upon the data is how we ensure our posts and campaigns are doing what they’re supposed to. Once you’ve implemented this practice, you’ll find the whole campaign easier to track and manage, but you’ll also be receiving constant feedback of where you’re doing well! A little self-encouragement goes a long, long way! The analytics you collect will also expose any discrepancies in pipelines and deliver incredibly valuable information on your audience’s behaviour. When this is cross-referenced with your website analytics you’ll hold the keys to a bespoke and comprehensive campaign.


One of the biggest barriers to success for online campaigns is lack of consistency; businesses and marketers have no way of immediately verifying that their actions are beneficial, leading them to be abandoned early. Social Media is completely comparable to human relationships; they take time and trust to build. The problem is that one of the most important factors of social media marketing is consistency and routine, and so, even if you’re unsure, continue to persist, optimise, edit and augment. Have faith and be logical in your amendments.

First person again! Feel free to connect with me via LinkedIn and/or shoot me a message for any help on the above!

Jake Harding

Head of New Business
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