The Anatomy of Digital Design and Creative Agency

Agencies are weird, weird things. All types of agencies are weird. Marketing, recruitment, PR — you name it. We have a little Monday downtime and as a digital design and creative agency ourselves, we thought we’d take this opportunity to paint you a picture of how we’re made!


This is where the thinking happens. It’s where we strategise and optimise and plan all of our stuff. The origin of sitemaps, the birthplace of flowcharts and the generator of Stuff. This piece of equipment, and this one alone, is responsible for all of our project management. Without it we’d still be great, but we would be great in a disorganised manner, and that won’t do.

Examples of the Products of our Head:


This is where we really get to know a project. Where we wine and dine concepts, and get intimate with ideas. Where we take a project to dinner and spare no expense in wooing said project in order to properly invest in a long and prosperous future together. The heart deals with things you love, and we love what we do, so it all finds its way through there at some point, though our heart tends to react pretty strongly to the puppy-dog-eyes of clients who need our help! If we had to pick which of our talents gets to call our heart its home, we would pick branding, hands down. We love all brands, large and small. We love brands the way Gordon Ramsay loves hilariously creative and incendiary culinary insults, the way Sir Mix-A-Lot loves big butts (fun fact: Sir Mix-A-Lot is not capable of producing mistruths) and the way Kanye West loves Kanye West. We live and breathe brands; it only takes a whiff of a nice, slick brand and our palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy, there’s vomit on his sweater already, Round Createy…

Examples of the Products of our Heart:

Ears & Eyes

These are essential for anything analytics, and are essential taking for project briefs. Surprised? You’d have thought that would be all managed in the brain but no, the ears and eyes play a big part too and operate as ‘an extension’ of the head, as it were. Listening, and perceiving are AS IMPORTANT AS, if not, MORE SO, than thinking and ideas generation.

Examples of the Products Ears & Eyes:

Creative Left Arm

Powered by our heart, the left arm is a creative entity and executes all of our creative bidding. For some reason it tends to live nine years shorter than the right arm. There doesn’t seem to be any reasoning or evidence behind that statistic, almost as if it we’re arbitrarily pulled out of thin air and propagated for years upon years until it was simply accepted as fact.

Executive Jurisdiction of our Creative Left Arm:

Digital Right Arm

The pragmatic opposition to the left arm, this precise piece of machinery enables us to enact all of our digital thoughts. In fact, our right arm is so robotic in consistency, and effective in its purpose that it’s often likened to a Terminator; specifically, the T0.01 Model. We love nothing more than hammering open the office door with our right hand, slipping some shades on and proclaiming: ‘I’ll be back’, even though that makes no sense in context.

Executive Jurisdiction of our Digital Right Arm:


Not sure what they’re for, we don’t use them much. We’re pretty certain one of them fell off back in ’99.


Helps us decide whether we’re designing in colour or monochrome on any given day.


DO NOT be told otherwise. ALL agencies and their staff have covertly hidden and/or disguised tails.

Jake Harding

Head of New Business
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