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Vanilla is ideal for flavouring gelato. It can even bestow your brew with a lovely, rounded sweetness if you chuck a few pods into your sugar jar! However when it comes to web and software development, vanilla implies limits. It has even come to be almost colloquially interchangeable with the word ‘boring’ and can imply a lack of function or adventure.


Premium = 79

Yoast Logo

Yoast is an SEO and Readability analysis and management plugin and presents users with scores and suggestions based upon the content of their site. An indispensable plugin when it comes to the endeavour of boosting website visibility! It evaluates a number of metrics and engagement factors such as:

The free version of Yoast allows for tracking of one focus keyword per page and provides previews of how pages will appear in Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS). Premium, however, will allow for tracking of five focus keywords per page, will present previews of how pages will appear when linked to on social media and features more automated and process-based analytics.

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Screenshot of WordPress plugin, Yoast.

Screenshot of Yoast Plugin

Advanced Custom Fields

Personal = $25AUD
Developer = $100AUD

Advanced Custom Fields Logo

In title, this plugin is self explanatory. It imbues the user with the ability to create custom fields for WordPress edit screens in seconds, removing the arduous necessity to code these fields individually. ACF is built on an intuitive API and ships with over 30 types of field; fields can be added and displayed anywhere and rules can be defined for respective fields. It is supported by hundreds of further user-generated fields and extensions

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Advanced Custom Fields Screenshot

Image Source: https://www.sitepoint.com/getting-started-with-advanced-custom-fields/



OptionTree Logo

Similar in function to Advanced Custom Fields, OptionTree is more code than back-end-UI-focused and is free and open-source. Being open-source with a greater focus upon code, OptionTree is arguably more versatile, has more potential for functionality but requires more attention toward robustness and stability. This is a great option for bespoke websites with more sophisticated requirements of functionality.

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OptionTree WordPress Plugin update

Image Source: https://www.sitepoint.com/optiontree-theme-options-ui-builder/

Contact Form 7


Contact Form 7 Logo

This plugin is a superb solution for your data collection and communication requirements. Contact Form 7 allows for flexible form and mail content customisation as well as multiple form management. It excels in all the following contexts:

Contact Form 7’s plugin page on WordPress’ website recommends the Flamingo and Bogo plugins for use with CF7 to respectively save submitted messages via contact forms and to make your website’s content multilingual.

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Contact Form 7 WordPress Plugin Screenshot

Image Source: https://www.sitepoint.com/contact-form-7-for-wordpress/


Personal = $3.50/mo or $39/year
Premium = $9.00/mo or $99/year
Professional = $29/mo or $299/year

Jetpack Logo

Hassle-free design, marketing and security – all in one place.

Jetpack offers what it refers to as ‘code-free customisation’ providing WordPress users with the ability to design a site, grow and audience and to maintain security. Jetpack is a solid solution for those without sophisticated development or coding skills looking to create a website. We at Round don’t use Jetpack on our own projects, however our senior developer, Dan, uses it for a bunch of personal tuff and highly recommends to those working to perhaps a tighter budget or schedule.

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Screenshot of WordPress Plugin, Jetpack.

Image Source: https://www.sitepoint.com/quick-tip-automate-social-media-posting-jetpack/


Plus = $10/mo
Pro = $99/mo

Disqus Logo

Disqus allows for audience engagement on content through comments, alongside analytics on content and the ability to monetise the engagement cultivated. Used by sites such as Rolling Stone, TMZ and Entertainment Weekly.

Download Disqus


Screenshot of WordPress plugin, Disqus

Image Source: https://disqus.com/features/engage/

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