Your First Marketing Campaign: A Recipe For Success

It’s hard to start a digital marketing campaign when there’s not much to go on. It’s hard to know what is going to help or if you’re going to just be shouting out into a void of inactive followers and people who only followed because you followed first. We have recently revamped our digital marketing campaign and we’re pretty much starting from the beginning.

If you find yourself in the same boat as us, here’s Round’s quick-fix recipe:

1 Cup of Analysis

Going through your brand with a fine-tooth comb is the best place to start. Looking at your social media, your mailers, your blogs, any online presence you have (if you have any) and then comparing it to how your competition is doing. Follow the link and we can do this for you. For free, of course!

1lb of Really Knowing Who You Are

Deciding a voice for your brand is important. Who do you want to be perceived as? Do you want to be industry related, personable and fun or as a hub for information in your field? Who should you follow? Are there any industry influencers who you should be communicating with online?

200ml of Campaign Goals

What are your short term, mid term and long-term goals for this digital marketing campaign? Do you want exposure or do you want to gain more sales? It’s important to set goals so that you can build your digital campaign around these. We’ve planned our must-haves for the 1 month, 3 month, 6 month and 12 month marks; now it’s just a matter of living up to our own high standards!

150g of Creating Content

Do you have your own content? Any relatable news on your company you could post about? Content is the most important part of a digital marketing campaign but also the scariest. We recently did a poll on Twitter to see what scared our followers the most about social media marketing and it came out as content creation. We will be sharing a guide to content creation by the end of the week! You may choose to write your own content or outsource your design. It is important to remember to keep your agreed upon tone of voice through all of your work.

1 tsp of Planning

It is important to plan your month ahead, we suggest making a content schedule full of your ideas and when you think it is best to execute them.

Bake at 180 – Promotion and Execution

It’s almost time for you to post your content out, be it a blog, a tweet, a mailer or anything else. Have you considered paid, targeted promotion on social media platforms? It can look quite daunting at first but there are lots of useful tips online!

Jake Harding

Head of New Business
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