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Creative & Digital Communities; Dealing with isolation as a freelancer or small business owner

We’re hosting a panel for Leeds Digital Festival 2018! We’ll be discussing the effects of isolation on the mental health of freelancers and small business owners and would love for you to join us! The event panel will take place 11:00 – 14:00 Friday 27th April at Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen, Leeds. Tickets are limited to 100 and subject to availability!

Isolation is about feeling detached from the outside world. You can be in a big city or in a co-working space and still feel isolated”
~ Matt Essam

Communication is easier than ever thanks to the likes of email and Slack. The ability to reach anyone, anywhere has allowed for and necessitated self-sufficient business. A profound result of this is isolation. This is a topic close to the hearts of all involved parties and on behalf of us all, Round warmly welcomes you to join us in taking an active stand on maintaining our mental wellbeing!


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The Panel

Charlotte Scott

Motivatee & The Anxious Entrepreneur | Founder



Charlotte, as a student, designer and as an entrepreneur of the anxious variety, founded Motivatee and its aptly-named sister blog, The Anxious Entrepreneur. Courageously open about her experience of anxiety and depression, Charlotte sought to raise awareness, tolerance and funds for the practice of maintaining and managing wellbeing; 40% of Motivatee’s annual net profit is donated to the charity, Leeds Mind


Leeds Digital FestivalHead of Marketing & Event Manager

Charlotte Scott with Leeds Digital Festival



Charlotte also happens to be heading the marketing campaign and management of events at this year’s Leeds Digital Festival. Filling the shoes of 2017’s fabulous Tim Brazier, Charlotte has taken wonderfully to organising the festival and has been hard at work filling this year’s two-week festival with ground-breaking and valuable digital events!

With her work on Motivatee and LDF2018 in mind, we thought Charlotte would be perfect for a spot on our panel!


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Becky Boyd

The Social Media Geek

Becky Boyd's LinkedIn Profile Image




Becky Boyd is a bit of a name around town and is well known for her social media consultancy business, The Social Media Geek, and for her work with Google’s Digital Garage Training service, alongside UpSkill Digital. Becky is no stranger to a good panel discussion and/or seminar; we’ve been to listen Becky discuss topics such as women in tech, the tech skills gap and , of course, all things social media!


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Paul Simon

Leeds Living | Editor-in-chief

Paul Simon's LinkedIn Profile Image overlaid with Leeds Living's logo paulsimonuk


Paul is editor-in-chief and founder of Leeds Living, one of the most widely respected independent publications, covering all things Leeds. His passion lies in content creation and copywriting which he executes nomadically, giving him a great insight into working in isolation.

Leeds Tech | Content Director

Paul Simon's LinkedIn Profile Image overlaid with Leeds Tech's logo leeds-tech




Paul works on Leeds Tech alongside some of us at Round, and he played a vital part in founding and launching the platform. He now manages the content strategy for the platform, which is aiming to be an open and thriving online networking community for Leeds’ tech industry and to connect us all more as an industry and as people.


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Hannah Hosanee

Consume Communications Ltd | Director

Hannah O'Sullivan's LinkedIn Profile Image Hannah Hosanee


 Hannah’s marketing consultancy business, Consume Communications, turned two recently! Happy birthday! Hannah runs Consume Comms, delivering B2B marketing consultancy, from SEO to brand management. She somehow has more of an omnipresence than a presence within Leeds’ digital industries and is a core member of our wonderful little city’s business community. 

Glug Events | Event Organiser (Leeds)

Hannah O'Sullivan's LinkedIn Profile Image overlaid with Glug's logo



Hannah also solidly reps Glug Leeds as an event organiser and often a speaker. How Hannah juggles Consume and Glug with the effectiveness she does it with, we’ll never know. All we do know is that with these credentials, Hannah is going to offer unique and valuable insight to our panel discussion.


Andrew Critchett

Fish& | Founder

Andrew Critchett's LinkedIn profile picture

 Andrew Critchett



“Looks like the bastard love child of Paul Hollywood and Captain Birdseye. Which is bang on brand when you think about it”

Hilarious description courtesy of Sean Murricane.

Mr C. founded streetfood business Fish& (@NoFishyBusiness) back in 2010, when streetfood was only just becoming a thing in London and Manjits Kitchen was still in Manjits actual house, and she only did pre booked home deliveries at the weekend. Fish& went on to win best main dish at the prestigious British & Street Food Awards, beating off former MasterChef contestants and securing the opportunity to cater at Manjits wedding! Prior to that, a career as a creative director had produced a portfolio that included naming and branding iconic hair styling brand ghd
It’s been said many times that there is a fine line between genius and insanity, there’s a finer one between the life of an entrepreneur (see also solopreneur, freelancer, whatever label suits) and getting sectioned under the Mental Health Act. Since beginning to share his own story on social media he’s been frankly staggered and alarmed by the response. Staggered by the number of others reaching out to share very personal and similar stories, alarmed from the insight of seeing inside a very stretched NHS. He now works with various local agencies to help Leeds achieve Sustainable Food City status and different streetfood businesses and events, on their branding, social media, operations and a bit of cooking, helping them go next level, while being mindful of their work/life balance. 
So good for recommendations on a few fronts we reckon!

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So there it is; an introduction to our panel members. Varied and full of value to add, we cannot wait to welcome them to Belgrave’s stage and open a discussion with them and you about looking after ourselves whilst we work within this taxing but fabulously nurturing and rewarding community!

Hit the button below to reserve your tickets and we’ll see you there!


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Jake Harding

Head of New Business
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