Movember Diary #01: Round Creative does Movember!

The Idea

We’re a bit late to the party with Movember but our hearts and team’s beards are in it all the same. Tim and Jake have sacrificed their usual, respectable facial hair and replaced with ‘taches, aspiring to be something Freddie Mercury himself would be envious of.

The Cause

We are trying to raise £200 by November 30th to raise awareness for the mental health of young men and to help combat them dying young. 1 in 8 men in the UK have experienced a mental health problem and 3 out of four 4 suicides are men. So let’s grow some ridiculous facial hair, raise some money and start to have a conversation about the prevention of suicide in young men.

The Process

We’ll be keeping Tim and Jake on the old straight and narrow by providing them with must-have moustache progress reports. Starting now.

The People

Tim (Left)

Tim’s ‘tache, already starting solid. It sits symmetrically on his top lip, peering down at us in pride. However don’t become complacent, Mr Moustache; you’ve set your foundation and stated your intentions, but there’s still more of a macabre vibe than majestic one.

Verdict: 5/10
Strong start, but don’t slow down!

Jake (Right)

Jake’s moustache is thick and plentiful. This is, unfortunately, let down by a lack of symmetry, which is partially compensated for by the striking parallel-with-glasses look. The pain of losing his beard is evident in Jake’s eyes; the illusion of his having a chin has been shattered and must be a very vulnerable month for Jake.

Verdict: 4/10
Have faith, wear with confidence & maybe have someone else trim it!




You can follow Tim and Jake’s progress here on our blog every Wednesday.

Jake Harding

Head of New Business
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