Movember Diary #03: Snapchat Filtered Facial Furniture

“I’ve had a shave so the mo’ is in full flow.” – Tim Miller 2017

The Sitch at Current:

As Marie Curie was taught, ‘the way of progress was never swift or easy’. Tim and Jake have experienced this themselves through Movember and their impatience at their lack of moustache-majesty has led them to experiment with Snapchat filters, and their horrific effect on the two ‘taches. They’ve shed blood, sweat, tears and dignity to bring you what we’re going to call The Follicle Chronicles; an intimate fly-on-the-wall collection of concept shots, showcasing the poetry and class which now run through Tim and Jake’s veins.

Vogue has been in touch. They offered us a seven-figure sum for an exclusive on The Follicle Chronicles, but we’re firm in our belief that something this beautiful should be shared indiscriminately.

‘The Bewilderment of Two Desk Potatoes’


The result of two firmly-rooted screen-junkies encountering real-life for the first time this week.

‘Vulturic Astonishment’


Taken shortly after ‘The Bewilderment of Two Desk Potatoes’, this piece communicates profoundly the indignant self-realisation that Tim and Jake look utterly ridiculous.





The usual drill. Thank you so much to all of the following for their kind donations:




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