Movember Diary #04: The Flanders Finale

We may well mourn the loss of the office ‘taches…

This is our last week of the boys’ Movember challenge and I’ve developed quite a penchant for the extra facial hair. We’ve seen the Magnum P.I. look, Ron Burgundy tribute days, massive geography teacher vibes and today we are feeling a diddly little bit Ned Flanders. Not in a born-again Christian way; Jake and Tim are actually channelling the spirit of Ned. Pink shirt check. Green jumper check. Well developed, deep, glossy and beautifully trimmed ‘tache check. A full month of top-lip-topiary has been achieved, £180 has been raised. We salute you boys. To celebrate their efforts we took the Flanders brothers and the rest of the gang for a cheeky Five Guys!

FLANDERS GAME: STRONG. Special chaperoned trip to Five Guys, look at the delight on their faces. Tim has also grown moobs for Movember too. Extra donation for #Moobvember anyone?

Eating a dirty burger with a full ‘tache is no mean feat. Facial hair hygiene is a meticulous endeavour and it was most definitely compromised! It all went a bit ‘Twits’. Aside from the Movember success, what was the reason for this hump-day group trip? To take a sneaky peek at our unbelievably beautiful new office space above Leeds’ Kirkgate market. Now we’re no snobs but the thought of sharing a space with the butcher and fish counters left us slightly panicked. Can we work with this? Will we smell of pie on a daily basis?Having done a cheeky whirlwind trip with the team to view the work-in-progress we can definitely learn to embrace the rich and diverse smells!


Couple of things here: Kirkgate has undergone a complete transformation, rebrand, facelift, pop-up food market and general make-over. Artisan pizza, and skinny soya lattes on my doorstep. It’s a kind of hipster, rough and ready twist on Trinity Kitchen. We’re talking a couple of minutes from the retail Nirvana of Victoria Gate, where most of the Round team wages will go; it’s a blessing and a curse really! Round Creative have an emotional bond with Holbeck; it is part of our heritage and has shaped us as an agency intrinsically. It has provided rich local networks of like-minded businesses with whom we’ve referred, collaborated, grown and evolved. We’ve seen an evolution in recent years and the South Bank developments promise many delights. We’ll miss the Midnight Bell, The Cross Keys’ beer garden, the Bridgewater wind tunnel and the brisk jogs beers along the canal at lunchtime. We are wholly grateful for everything Tower Works has given us, but we’re a growing, hungry team ready for our next chapter, so let’s do this Leeds City Centre.

It will be a challenge, working with no actual desks, chairs or Mac s but we have a fully restored Victorian fireplace to muse over. Plus Dan found a cupboard.

Jake Harding

Head of New Business
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