Ping Pong Fight Club

We’ve finally taken to plunge and decided to embrace our proclivity for ping-pong. We cannot fight it any longer, this is what we were born to do. Allow us to introduce our competition…


The contenders

John Lewis

John Lewis branding 2018

May their Ping Pong be as premium as their products, for if not, we’ll be pinging them all the way back to Victoria Gate


Skybet branding 2018

We’re wagering that Skybet are going to be blessed with some accomplished Ping-Pongers. However we at Round are all ego in competitive sports, so our money’s still on us.


Emmerdale branding 2018

Emmerdale omnibus? More like omni-busting Emmerdale’s balls. Ping Pong balls that is… *Ahem*


Stickyeyes branding 2018

Stickyeyes on the Sticky-prize, otherwise we’ll Sticky-snatch it right out from under your Sticky-noses.

Tetrad Discovery

Tetrad Discovery branding 2018

Tetrad Discovery will be totalled by the totes-rad Round Creative, resulting in Tetrad Team requiring a tetra recovery.

Brass Agency

Brass Agency branding 2018

Let’s get down to brass tacks and ping-pong bats. Our skills may be rusty, but we’ll still polish you off.


Bolser branding 2018

Bolser bolster bolshie bolitics to beat battlers by blatant bolshevism. That made no sense but is satisfyingly alliterative.

Martinez Wines

Martinez Wines branding 2018

When Martinez Wines concede to us they’re going to let out some momentous whines.

Jake Harding

Head of New Business
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