The metrics being removed from Facebook advertising

An article recently appeared in the help section of Facebook Business advising on a number of metrics which will be dropped from Facebook advertising due to their having become obsolete, superfluous or non-indicative. Interestingly, there’s a fairly large number of metrics which will be dropped and Facebook have included their advice for each on how to replace lost metrics with more meaningful ones. These removals are in line with the next updated of Facebook’s Graph API.

Some of these solutions seem a little guerrilla, a little improvised and even a little convoluted. Though we appreciate that our pal Zuckerberg (or is it Zuccerman…?) has been busy the past week explaining the internet to a bunch of hilariously misinformed senators, such as Senator Orrin Hatch incredulously and slightly sarcastically enquiring as to how Facebook generates a profit without charging its users. Because the freemium model is a new thing…

Don’t worry, Senator Hatch, we’re not mad. Your query was an easily-solved one with but a simple Google, however had you done your research we would never have been bestowed with the immortal line;

Anyway, here’s a comprehensive list of the metrics due for removal and check out the article to learn Facebook’s suggested interim solutions should you require any of these soon-to-meet-their-demise analysis points.

Jake Harding

Head of New Business
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