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The challenge

Inspirit was set up by an existing, experienced client of ours who really knows his stuff. His vision for Inspirit was ambitious and exciting and we were delighted to be involved from the beginning—consulting on the branding before moving onto a full-scale web project. The requirements included a full booking system, detailed trip itineraries, destination guides, maps and resources.

Our approach

There was a lot to consider with this design and build and actually, some functionality was added mid-way through. Some nice to have's became quite fundamental in the end—but that was fine, as we have a good, communicative working relationship with our client. Breaking for regular, collaborative reviews helped things stay on track.

We provided

B2C e-commerce Logo / Identity API Creative Website UI UX Marketing collateral CMS


Inspirit is led by a knowledgeable team who believe that memorable experiences don’t need to cost a fortune. They know how to piece together a fantastic trip for solo travellers and small groups that will leave lasting memories and facilitate true friendships. They live and breathe their brand—and this shines through when you take a trip with them.

We wanted their visual identity to reflect the exciting trips and thoughtful company ethos—one which values local partnerships, ethical practices, and of course, authentic travel experiences. We created the bold logo and fresh colour palette to complement the striking destination photography and appeal to the fun-loving, adventurous traveller, without overwhelming the information architecture of their website—which was to be our next task!

Information architecture

There was a lot of information to display on Inspirit's website. This information needed feeding to the user, in the right way, at the right time—we planned this very carefully. Getting the UI right was not just a balancing act of what looked right and made good use of the available space, cross-device—it was fundamental this was driven from a user's perspective.

Based on pre-defined user types, we offered a few different journeys. Results can be produced by navigating to sections focused around trips, destinations, or deals, before being taken through to itinerary pages and finally the booking process. All routes are substantiated with inspirational brand values and clear company information so users can feel confident in considering, and booking a trip.

Technical elements

Inspirit needed to pull data from the proprietary API used for its internal systems, keeping the information displayed to users both up-to-date and accurate, while blending this data seamlessly with the data stored on the website itself. Furthermore, it needed to ensure that the API was not a point of failure—ensuring if there was a temporary outage, the website could still function.

One important feature was ensuring a smooth checkout process, with a highly customisable voucher/discount code system that was more advanced than a standard off-the-shelf system. It needed the ability to be expanded in the future and was required to work with their chosen payment gateway—PayPal.

All this data and functionality was rolled up into the WordPress CMS that the client was already comfortable using, allowing administrators to manage all aspects of the website and manually update the data from the API.

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