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The challenge

We’ve worked with Powerstar for many years, providing them with graphic design and digital support for their previous websites. As we know, things change fast in the digital world and early this year they asked us to assist them with the design and build of a new website. It's not only the digital world where things change fast—the world of power resilience is rapidly changing and because of this, there has been a shift in the focus of Powerstar's business. It is an organisation at the forefront of supporting many industry sectors to achieve their net-zero goals. Renewable, sustainable energy, and resilient systems are more critical than ever. This is where the need for developing the Resilience+ brand arose.

Our approach

We assessed Powerstar’s current brand and found there was room for development. We love their logo and feel it holds more relevance now than ever with it’s green leaf and friendly aspect. Aside from the logo, their identity felt a little under-developed. They asked us to look at a new logo for them to represent Resilience+, which we did and the results align beautifully with their existing Powerstar identity.

We provided

Website Creative UX Marketing collateral UI Logo / Identity CMS API


The Resilience+ logo needed to sit as a comfortable sub-brand to the main Powerstar identity. To achieve this, we developed the Powerstar brand alongside it to enhance its presence and found a solution that was driven largely by the colour palette and the logo symbols. The Powerstar colours have always been olive green and black but we added a brighter, complimentary green into the mix to modernise and freshen it. Resilience+ then seemed to fit well into the blue sphere—blue just makes sense as it’s already synonymous with clean energy.


The new website incorporates information to represent all aspects of the business. It prominently features links to Powerstar's applications, technologies and sectors, thereby assisting users to access relevant resources. We designed areas to hold a blog, case studies, events and a variety of support pages. We developed the site's CMS in a way that allows Powerstar not only to add updated content moving forward but build their own areas and pages through a series of module designs—in effect, we have provided them with a block-building toolkit. This suits them well as it gives them the freedom and flexibility to maintain their site in a stress-free and economical way.

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