Urban Wilderness

Urban Wilderness brings the wonder of the natural landscape into the urban environment through design, landscape architecture, masterplanning, 3D visualisation, landscape strategy and project management. With a visionary and collaborative approach, they excel at designing and developing urban spaces, considering the merits of every site before implementing a strategy of transformation, sensitive to its context, use and character. Above image credit: Urban Wilderness.

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Brand Development

We assisted Urban Wilderness with its brand development. They had already created this wonderful, perfectly descriptive symbol which forms part of the logo. We carefully chose them some new typefaces and honed the colour palette use across the website visuals to nicely reflect the balance of work they do.


Website Navigation

The website features some nice touches including an animated SVG on the philosophy page and a simply animated overlay menu. The site has been designed to showcase their stunning visualisations and project detail, as well as key services and team members.



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