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Virtuoso Legal

The challenge

Virtuoso came to us in need of some general modernisation. Their existing website no longer served them well. Whilst it contained a wealth of helpful information for prospective clients, locating that information was not easy from a UX perspective. The site's CMS was also due an upgrade as it contained outdated plugins which were causing frustration. In addition to this, the general look of the website—and actually the general feel of the brand—was off the mark.

Our approach

After meeting with Virtuoso, we found they were a highly proficient and dynamic law firm—in essence, their website didn't look as good as they are, and we wanted to fix that for them, starting with their identity.

We provided

Website UX UI CMS Logo / Identity

Visual identity

Virtuoso had a current logo that was not far removed from what we produced for them. The symbol, based on a 'V', is a reworking of what they already had. They had built up recognition with the mark and didn't want to lose that heritage. Totally understandable considering the law industry is built largely on trust. We softened and refined the symbol to fit nicely with their new typeface—which, sits much more easily on the eye than their previous one.

They were keen to punctuate the logo with a colourful full stop, which works really nicely as a communication device throughout the brand. Telling maybe—they likely often have the final say—and good for them.


The website design is bright and bold. Thanks to the simplified and well-thought-out menu structure, it holds a lot more in the way of resource than you would think. We set about presenting the site information in a bitesize way. We used a colour system, coupled with icons, to assist the user to navigate the site.

It caters for both the legal novice—perhaps looking for an answer to a simple question, via an FAQ section—and to an experienced or inquisitive professional, offering in-depth, evidence-based discussion and industry reporting.

We based the UI on this colour system and added boxed overview areas which lead to much larger sections. This, coupled with some striking photography, strong CTAs and powerful statements (courtesy of the client), has resulted in an impactful website that supports Virtuoso whilst they increase their visibility and presence.

Client feedback

"In 2018, we decided as a firm that we needed a new digital platform and look for Virtuoso Legal. We had grown from a small law firm to an internationally known firm renowned for remarkable legal results and expertise. Our presence online no longer reflected who we had become. As such, we contacted Round Creative to help us with a refinement and re-articulation of our brand and website so that we would have the best platform to move forward to the next level.

Working with Claire, Tim, and the Round team was very beneficial as not only did they have the technical expertise to develop a website that both looked good and had advanced functionality... Moreover, they also took the time and energy to really understand and integrate the core values of the business through their design and user experience work on the website.

We are delighted with the outcome, which reflects where we are now and where we want to be in the future. Thank you, Round!"

— Virtuoso

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