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We work with you to achieve one thing—to elevate your business.

Our specialisms are focused on developing brands and designing and developing websites and products for organisations of all sizes. The following services are complimentary—as a guide, we usually touch upon them all during a large web project. The creative design elements, of course, we do offer, independently of a web project. Your solution will be tailored to you!

What we do

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Our process

Here, we’ve outlined the way we approach a web project. We know it’s difficult when choosing an agency to work with on something as important as your brand and website—that’s why we try to be clear about our process, and give you all the information you may need.

1. Discovery

We start with an evaluation of your current situation, your experience, your markets, any frustrations and your goals. At this point, the costs to you are relatively low, so we like to delve deep to discover the best product, route and approach for you—in line with your business aims.

Once your potential future opportunities and audiences have been defined, and we have an accurate understanding of what you require, we can make a sound project recommendation. You will receive a scoping document outlining options, the technologies we would recommend and, if appropriate, an estimate of cost.

We will unite the multiple elements of your project and formulate these into a project plan and timeline which will be shared with you, giving you clarity over milestones and actions. Your account handler will be there for you throughout the project—any questions, just ask. Need to have a meeting? Of course!

2. Design

The design phase encompasses many aspects. We are creative at heart, but logical in our approach. We design for mobile and desktop simultaneously, ensuring all screen sizes are fully considered. We present your designs through a shared link, which enables you to experience how your site will look and work, including simplified versions of user interactions and transitions.

We start by wireframing your site—to enable us to plan and design functionality, user roles and journeys, information hierarchy, interactions and transitions. We know the importance of utilising visual languages and design systems. All of these attributes are needed to bring about a successful online brand experience. We design to AA compliance as standard to ensure optimal usability.

We will initially design a few key pages of your project, defining the overall look and feel—layout, images, typography and icons. We share these with you before rolling out the entire project. Again, at this point, iterations are relatively cheap, so we will alter, improve, and collaborate, as we move closer towards the goal.

3. Development

By this stage, we’ve nailed how things will look and function. The development stage can begin confidently. It’s more costly once we begin developing to make changes, so we try to keep these to a minimum. When developing web software however, iterations are inevitable and in many cases, benefitial—we will account for this in your project scope and timeline from the offset.

On larger, or more complex projects, we like to work in sprints—defined blocks of time, after which we break to review direction and progress with you. This interval approach enables us to keep your project on track, make sure it’s all working as expected and make any adaptations as we go.

Once the website has been coded, we'll upload it to a preview site for you to see. It will still be incomplete at this stage and will likely need text and images adding. We can do this for you, or you may like to do it yourself. We can provide training if you're not sure how to use your new CMS. The site stays on preview until you're happy. Once you've given the go-ahead, we'll push it live which can take a day or two. Post-launch, we're still here to support you should you have any issues—just get in touch!

Got questions? Sure, that’s understandable—drop us a message and we’ll answer your queries, sharpish.

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