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Web software

One of the main benefits of web software over desktop software or an app is that it provides easy, instant access for everyone in your business, and beyond.

Setting up new users or giving access in new locations is a doddle. Your web app can grow infinitely with your business as it's easy to update and maintain. This also has the benefit of streamlining user-experience and workflow. It is always up to date—everyone is using the current version. Additionally, it’s a lot easier to make a web-based system user-friendly across multiple platforms and cater to varying screen sizes. For these reasons, development can cost a lot less than desktop software or an app.

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Example case study

Streamlining workflow for our good friends at Collective was our mission here. Planning, designing and building them a piece of web software to handle their substantial creative output and demanding customer requirements meant they needed the ultimate portal. We loved working on this one.