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It may not be glamorous, but for us, it's a highly useful planning and scoping tool. For you, it assures you we're all on the same page...  (and that page isn't a 404).

All projects can benefit from wireframing but it comes into its own when used to map out a complex system. It guides our web designers, allowing them to focus on the UI and visual brand design, without being inhibited by simultaneously trying to make sense of site maps, navigations and page layouts. It also allows you to have sight of all of your pages and basic areas before we begin with the more costly website and UI design.

Further services

Example case study

Built fundamentally around the desire to offer something better to contract professionals, Contractor Reference was conceived. We worked to our client's exacting standards and created an identity and a website with the purpose of collating, storing, and presenting employer references in a clear, usable format.